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Microsoft Dynamics NAV
(nav01) What is Microsoft Dynamics NAV?
Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a powerful full-featured business management application that helps you manage your business more efficiently giving you full control over the financials and business processes. Check our Dynamics NAV product section for more details.
(nav02) We currently have Dynamics NAV, but we are unhappy with it. What can we do?
Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a comprehensive business application that is designed to support virtually any small or mid-size business in most industries or different countries. If you are not happy with your Microsoft Dynamics NAV system then that (based on our experience) means that your system was not implemented correctly or professionally. We've helped clients analyze their system and we can help you correct or improve it to meet the goals you set originally when you decided for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
(nav03) How can Dynamics NAV help my business?
Click on Microsoft Dynamics NAV feature below to watch the demonstration video: Contact Us to discuss how can Microsoft Dynamics NAV help your business achieving your goals.
Integrated Applications
(app01) What is NAV Web Client?
NAV Web Client from Anveo is a secure fully-integrated web client that enables access to your Microsoft Dynamics NAV data through the internet. Check our Anveo NAV Web Client product section for more details.
(app02) What is NAV Mobile?
NAV Mobile from Anveo is a secure fully-integrated client that enables access to your Microsoft Dynamics NAV data through your mobile device (i.e. iPad, Android etc.). Check our Anveo NAV Mobile product section for more details.
(svc01) I'm not your client. Can you help me?
Yes. Contact Us if you don't have a Dynamics NAV partner or you are unhappy with the services provided. We will be happy to discuss different options with you how we can help you achieve your goals and make Dynamics NAV work for you.
(svc02) Reducing up to 60% of implementation cost?
There is number of aspects playing significant role:
  • We optimized our internal processes to eliminate many admin fees
  • Meetings are held mostly with professionals involved in project
  • Using remote offices/professionals for services that can be done remotely without affecting quality of service
  • We offer flexible rates to meet your needs and budget
AND... we pass the savings onto you, because we care about your satisfaction and believe in building our relationship longterm instead of "making a quick buck".