More Details About Us


We have an experienced team of certified professionals with as many as 13 years of dedication and experience with Microsoft Dynamics NAV!

Our experience ranges from small to mid-size implementations, single and mutli-lingual, with businesses having multiple companies in different states and continents.

We've implemented Dynamics NAV as a brand new implementation, as a legacy system replacement and also upgraded from one of the previous versions of Dynamics NAV to Dynamics NAV 2009.


We are set on helping you achieving your goals.

We offer extensive support and availability as needed for your business, across the country or on different continent.

We understand that some situations require desperate measures and quick thinking on resolution. There are situations we cannot avoid - i.e. power outages, snow storms, technology break-down. We are committed to give you the helping hand when you need it, not when it is convenient or scheduled.


Our strategy is simple: "keep it simple". We guarantee quality of our services through:

  • Assessment of Requirements with Design and Estimate
  • Professional Development and Testing
  • Continuous Support and Improvement Analysis
  • Portfolio Offering Review

We build our team "around you" to become one team working together to achieve a mutual goal - your business success.


Our clients drive our success. You are successful, so are we!


We use proven methodology and technology to ensure successful implementation. The pilars of our implementation are:

  • Proven Methodology using Microsoft Sure Step
    To control the process from assessment to delivery and live support...
  • Team Project Management portal
    To provide the team members with as much information and details as possible...
  • Shared Customer Portal
    To allow you to review the progress every step of the way...


No one system is an island just as no one business can survive without its environment.

Today's market demands for businesses to be open and available (whether through a website, web portal, EDI services, people in the field etc.) to an outside world.

We manage integrations with other existing systems that ensures, improves or automates daily business activities... just like manage migration of your legacy system into the Microsoft Dynamics NAV - a one time integration...

Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers various ways of seemless integration to help your business grow, we can help you!


Our professionals are available to you when you need them and how the situation requires.

  • You do not have a Dynamics NAV specialist in your IT department?
  • Is your Dynamics NAV specialist overloaded with work?
  • Do you need additional Dynamics NAV resources to achieve your goals?
  • Are you under pressure to resolve a situation without the experience?

Our team of professionals can help...
We successfuly support clients in every situation.