NAV Web Desktop and Mobile

Anveo Web Desk and Anveo Mobile enable simple, Web-based access to your Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system: Your corporate information is depicted in the Internet browser as a Web application, yet without requiring an infrastructure such as VPN or terminal server.

As a result, data pools can be made available to customers and suppliers, as well as to staff working away from the office, and the pools can be integrated into your company's processes, too.

How can you benefit from using Anveo products?

With Anveo Web Desk and Anveo Mobile you enhance your Dynamics NAV solution through the addition of a powerful tool that you can use in very different scenarios. The possibilities of application are nearly unlimited as almost all of the data pools and processes originating from Dynamics NAV are depicted in a web-based manner.

Staff in the Field
Online entry and verification of quotes and sales orders, ensure inventory availability. Enter service orders and check history details. Confirm receivables and overdue invoices.
Vendor Portals
Publish sales depletions, show purchase orders and delivery notes. Business-to-Business application.
Customer Portals
Query item prices and availabilities, request quotes, submit sales orders, post RMA queries, view sales statistics. Track promotions and allocations.
Travel Expenses
Submit, review and approve travel expenses incl. sampling, rentals, schedules etc.
Release Approval
Manage internal processes such as jobs, approvals, notifications.
Mobile Light User
Perform limited access operations and transactions.
The Advantages...

Anveo empowers Dynamics NAV-developers to create web applications on their own by C/AL. The configuration just takes place in Dynamics NAV. No knowledge of HTML/CSS/JavaScript is required.

  • Easy publication of data pools and processes.
  • Massive shortening of development-phase periods for Web-based applications, and thus a reduction of the one-off and ongoing costs associated with them. Connecting to Dynamics NAV via Web Services is very easy, because the communication is completely done by Anveo.
  • Full-scale stewardship through your Dynamics NAV partner.
Easy to Learn
  • Minimal training expenditure for C/AL developers (approx. 1-2 workdays). The development process is comparable to the design of Pages in Dynamics NAV.
  • Extensive documentation for developers and IT administrators.
  • Intuitive operation of the user interface, as well as classic application using multiple-window depiction.
  • Low installation costs (only Windows Server required, no other software components).
  • Uncomplicated infrastructure setup (approx. 1-2 workdays).
  • High degree of acceptance by Anveo Web Desk and Anveo Mobile users due to maximum browser compatibility (No programs or plug-ins are required.)
  • Downstream-compatible to NAVISION versions starting at 3.6!
  • Several different Web applications can be operated on the same infrastructure.
Investment security
  • Stable solution tested by application users and developers.
  • Anveo Web Desk and Anveo Mobile share the same infrastructure.