Equisys - ZetaDocs for NAV

Zetadocs for NAV is the document management add-on for Microsoft Dynamics NAV chosen by Microsoft for its connection to SharePoint. Zetadocs will help your business eliminate time-consuming and cumbersome paper-based processes so that you can achieve cost savings, faster response times to your customers and a reduction in your company's carbon footprint.

Zetadocs can help automate and streamline accounting processes such as Supplier Invoice Processing, Payables Approval, Proof of Delivery Tracking and Electronic Invoicing.

Zetadocs Editions
Zetadocs for NAV is available in a range of editions and configurations to fit different requirements. There are Capture and Delivery features available.


ZetaDocs Express
At a foundation level, Zetadocs Express provides document management for Microsoft Dynamics NAV users by integrating with SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint Online, Microsoft’s cloud service version of SharePoint in Microsoft Office 365.
  • Drag&Drop
  • Document Approval
  • Save&Send
Capture Essentials
The Capture Essentials edition offers electronic filing of inbound documents, emails and faxes for fast, efficient retrieval in Microsoft Dynamics NAV or SharePoint.
  • Batch Processing
Capture Plus
Capture Plus adds features to automate and customize this. Add-ons support OCR and barcode processing.
  • PDF/A Conversion
  • Automated filing
Delivery Essentials
The Delivery Essentials edition enables electronic delivery, archive and retrieval of documents and reports from Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
  • Batch Sending
  • Overlay&Attach
Delivery Plus
Delivery Plus adds the power to fully automate and customize the document production and delivery process. Add-ons support faxing and very high document volumes.
  • Programmable Control
  • Fully Customizable
ZetaDocs Solutions

From outgoing payment remittances to inbound supplier invoices, Zetadocs for Microsoft Dynamics NAV makes automating and streamlining common paper-based processes easy.

Supplier Invoice Processing
File supplier invoices electronically with speed and accuracy, ready for approval. Zetadocs helps protect your supplier relationships by capturing your received invoices into SharePoint to ensure none are ever mislaid again. Using an innovative barcode sticker system, Zetadocs allows batches of incoming invoices to be scanned, split and linked against their appropriate transactions in Microsoft Dynamics NAV – cutting paper usage and the need for physical paper files.
Payables Approval
Managing invoice approval via internal mail or email results in slower, costlier approvals with little visibility or control over the process. In addition, delayed or misplaced invoices can result in early payment discounts being missed or overdue payment charges incurred. Zetadocs Payables Approval puts the whole approval process on screen and under your control. Buyers and budget holders are able to view and approve purchase invoices whether they are in the office or away from it.
Electronic Invoicing
Reduce the cost and administrative headache of invoicing. From directly within NAV, Zetadocs allows invoices to be automatically personalized, scheduled and produced before being delivered electronically in batches. Once sent, invoices are automatically indexed and archived alongside other documentation relating to the client or transaction – ensuring finance teams run more efficiently.
Proof of Delivery Capture
Verifying successful goods deliveries can be fraught with difficulty. Signed paperwork may not always be filed correctly, and staff time spent resolving queries is both costly and inefficient. Zetadocs produces barcoded delivery confirmations that, once signed by the recipient, can be batch scanned and filed into NAV alongside other corresponding documentation. PDF/A archiving to SharePoint then ensures that documents are easily retrievable - reducing resolution times and improving customer service.