Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Gain Greater Control

Microsoft Dynamics NAV increases visibility and improves insight at all levels of your business, making you confident that the right decisions are being made by the right people in your organization.

  • Streamline your operations and financial management processes with an intuitive RoleTailored user interface and built-in workflows.
  • Get a clear view of your business with integrated systems, shared data, and drill down capabilities that give you visibility into your transactions and provide detailed audit trails.
  • Use reporting tools and real-time business intelligence that help your people make fast, informed decisions and reduce ad-hoc requests to your IT department.


Turn improved profitability into new opportunities with a solution that helps drive and support your business growth.

  • Expand your business opportunities with flexible accounting processes and multi-currency support.
  • Choose the deployment option that works best for your business and increases the flexibility of your IT systems--without increasing IT costs.
  • Grow your business knowing that your systems will scale to match your ambition.

Increase Margins

Make smarter decisions to improve your operating margins--and your cash flow. Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps you maximize profitability by getting the most out of your people and systems.

  • Cut operational costs and reduce errors by automating key business processes.
  • Easily analyze financial data to spot trends and take action to improve cash flow.
  • Identify and target your top customers to find new sales opportunities and build loyalty.
  • Focus on your most profitable products and customers.

Rapid Start

Microsoft Dynamics NAV simplifies the implementation process with a solution that is designed to get you up and running quickly without expensive development or increased manpower.

  • Deploy on-premises or with partner-hosted cloud solutions that require low up-front investment.
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV is highly scalable and compatible with the technology you already use so that it delivers long term value without high costs down the road.
  • Ongoing commitment to innovation means you are investing in a business platform that will always keep you in the forefront of what's ahead.

Vertical Solutions

Microsoft Dynamics NAV capabilities, interoperability and flexibility provides an opportunity for every business and industry to take full advantage of the features and capabilties that it offers.

These can be implemented "as-is" or customized to meet the specific needs and requirements of each unique business.

There is a number of vertical solutions available for different industries and businesses. Each solution is targeting a specific area/functionality and you have to review each solution carefully before deciding whether or not it is the right solution for you.

We have designed a vertical solution for the Wine & Spirits Imports and Distribution Market that adds and modifies features and capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics NAV to support the needs and requirements from the alcoholic beverage industry.

Our solution will help you reduce the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV by a significant amount of time reducing your cost of implementation.

Download the W&S Guide (PDF, 764 kB)


Microsoft Dynamics NAV is designed to allow customizing the functionality to business' individual needs and requirements without extensive cost and deployment.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is offered in 2 different packages that vary in functionality available and cost to make the application available to small to mid-size businesses based on their specific needs and budget:

Starter Pack
...for customers who need core financial management and trade functionality
Extended Pack
...for growing, mid-size or high-functional-needs customers wo are looking for an adaptive solution with a broad set of functionality (includes all Business Essentials functionality)

Microsoft Dynamics NAV also offers a development solution for the business internal IT staff for businesses that prefer internal development or internal IT control:

Application Builder
Change the business rules and special calculations that work behind the scenes (some code and functionality is protected from changes - i.e. posting). You can create entirely new areas of functionality for your application, enabling you to tailor Microsoft Dynamics NAV to fit your entire organization.
Solution Developer
Change the business rules and special calculations that work behind the scenes. This granule provides access to code that updates write-protected tables to the Merge and Upgrade Tools.

Download the Dynamics NAV Capabilities Guide (PDF, 6.6MB)
Download the Dynamics NAV 2018 - What's New flyer (PDF, 2.5MB)

Comprehensive Business Management Capabilities

Microsoft Dynamics NAV delivers powerful and comprehensive business management capabilities for:

  • Financial Management
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Trade & Inventory
  • Microsoft Office Integration
  • Commerce Gateway
  • Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Warehouse Management
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting
  • Automated Data Capture System (ADCS)
  • Employee Portal


Microsoft Dynamics NAV application offers capability and granularity extensions using "Add-On" features.

It is a customer-proven functionality that can be quickly implemented to your existing Microsoft Dynamics NAV system or to a brand new implementation that your business can take advantage of without extensive cost for customizations or extensive cost for purchasing an ERP solution that offers such function either out-of-the-box or at an extra charge.

Examples of available add-ons:
  • Advanced Inventory Forecasting & Procurement
    forecast and replenish inventory using different methods and inventory attributes
  • e-Ship & e-Receiving
    package shipping & handling with ease using your desktop as a package terminal in shipping department
  • EDI
    interfacing with vendors, customers and other contacts using standardized EDI routines
  • Portals
    you can connect Microsoft Dynamics NAV with portals - employee or B2B or your own web site