Wine & Spirits Solution
for Dynamics NAV

The effective solution for your wine & spirits business in one integrated package for a low cost and rapid implementation enhancing powerful and feature-rich Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Alcohol Beverage Industry is one of the most demanding industries for functionality and rules with many of them being of legal nature. Wine & Spirits Importers and Distributors are challenged by mutliple levels of governments (whether federal, state or county governments) by various regulatory requirements that the companies must comply with "just" to do business.

Businesses are facing different complex control challenges that need an efficient wine solution to automate processes and concentrate on business itself.

Our Wine & Spirits Imports/Distribution solution targets selected areas of functionality to improve and optimize business processes to bring the businesses' to its top performance without the excessive demand it would take otherwise on its people.

Business functions are separated based on affected areas in business and direction of product "flow":
  • Import - processes related to purchasing, transporting of goods to the United States and proper registration (allowance) of products.
  • Distribution - processes related to restocking, marketing and selling through the distribution channel.

Our Wine & Spirits solution is defined based on industry standardized business processes to solve needs and requirements of individual companies. Each process can however be easily customized or enhanced to business unique situation.


Main Benefits...

Rapid (Reduced Cost of) Implementation
The wine solution design achieves much faster initial implementation and reduces time needed for customizations or setup.
Accurate Sales/Profitability Reporting
Detailed inbound cost ("laid in cost" or "landed cost") processing, additional charges transfers, warehousing and more together with dimension data capture ensures fast and accurate reporting of sales, cost and inventory value by brands, vendors, regions etc.
Efficient Inventory Management
Inventory (and associated cost value) reduction is achieved by comprehensive reservation and allocation system.
Federal/State Requirements Compliance
Preset processes support product registration, price definition and filing, state warehouse support and more to allow you to start working effectively.
Industry Specific Tools
Designed functions and tools (i.e. price discount structure) support daily functions and better control.
Mobile Client and Web Desktop Available
Mobile and Web applications are integrated as integral part of the wine solution.

Wine Solution - Imports

These are some of the features available to Imports businesses and divisions:
  • Federal/TTB product registration (COLA labels) management support
  • Overseas "deposit warehouse" maintenance.
  • Bonded warehouse.
  • Supplier imposed sales restrictions support.
  • Depletion Allowances (D/A).
  • Detailed Container receiving and costing.

Wine Solution - Distribution

These are some of the features available to Distribution businesses and divisions:
  • State product label registration management support
  • Multiple Price Type options based on Qty, Family Plan, Mix&Match etc.
  • State sales price filing.
  • On-Premise/Off-Premise sales.
  • Various types of inventory allocations and reservations.
  • Bill&Hold maintenance.
Don't hesitate to contact us for more details or a demo of this solution or our entire comprehensive product offering.